Ethiopia’s Federal Attorney General on Wednesday revealed the arrest of 81 suspects in connection with a deadly violence that killed dozens of innocent civilians on the outskirts of the Capital Addis Ababa.

The federal attorney general also announced an arrest warrant on some 28 others who are said to be behind the deadly incident rocking Burayu town that targeted ethnic minorities, state affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate reported on Wednesday.

At least 23 people were confirmed dead by the Ethiopian government during the deadly attack on civilians in September 2018.

Thousands of others had left their homes as the attack drove residents to flee and seek refuge in schools, other public facilities across Addis Ababa.

The attack had also angered tens of thousands of residents of the capital, who flocked to Ethiopia’s national palace and the national broadcaster following the incident, calling for protection and security from the Ethiopian government.

The arrest on Wednesday as well as the arrest warrant on 28 other suspects who are presently under hiding came amid the Federal Attorney General’s recent revelation on the arrest of 90 suspects in a similar ethnic based attack.

The attacks clashed members of the two dominant ethnic groups in southern Ethiopia.

The ethnic violence in June in Hawassa city involved ethnic Sidamas, the original inhabitants of the city, and the neighbouring Wolaita ethnic group, leaving 10 people dead, according to the regional police.

The violence had also displaced thousands of civilians from the two ethnic groups.