PRAWA commends PRISONS reform, urges media to focus on decriminalisation of petty offences

The Prisoners’ Rehabilitation and Welfare Action (PRAWA), has commended the restructuring of the Nigerian Prisons service by President Muhammadu Buhari while stating its concerns over criminalisation of petty offences in the country.

This was made known at the a media workshop hosted by PRAWA in Abuja to build media capacity towards decriminalisation of petty offences in Nigeria.

Speaking at the event, Deputy Direcctor, PRAWA, Ogechi Ugu stated that principle of declassification and decrimialization of petty offences of the African commission is yet to attract necessary attention of the Nigerian government.

“Declassifying and decriminalising these petty offences would be a much needed initiative for the promotion of a better society devoid of discrimination and segregatation of socially and economically disadvantaged” she said.

She further urged media practitioners to focus on decriminalisation and declassification of petty offences in Nigeria.


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