Strike: Concerned Members of Kano CSOs Forum Commends Labour Unions

The coalition for the Concerned Members of the Kano Civil Society Forum (KCSF) has thrown its weight behind the labour unions over the ongoing nationwide industrial action.

In a statement signed and made available to newsmen by the coalition in Kano, the KCSF described the labour action as the collective wills and determination of every Nigerian worker.

Recall that the unions embarked on an indefinite strike on Monday over the refusal of the federal government to increase the minimum wage for the civil servants amidst ongoing economic hardships brought about by the new policies of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu administration.

“The Concerned Members of the Kano Civil Society Forum (KCSF) hereby express our unwavering solidarity with the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) amidst the ongoing indefinite strike action. This strike, advocating for a fair minimum wage and other critical demands, is a testament to the collective will of the civil servants in Nigeria striving for equitable compensation.

“We recognize the recent developments and the government’s proposition to institute a wage higher than N60,000. However, we urge the NLC/TUC to approach this with caution and to critically assess the government’s commitment to these promises. History has shown that such “agreements” can be fleeting, and it is imperative that the NLC/TUC remains steadfast in their negotiations to ensure that these are not mere political stratagems.

“The KCSF Concerned Members call upon the NLC/TUC to persist in their demands and to not waver under pressure. It is crucial to uphold the integrity and credibility that the NLC/TUC have been nurturing through its consistent advocacy and transparent actions.

“We stand with you in the pursuit of justice and will continue to support the movement towards a fair and living wage for all civil servants in Nigeria.

“Together, we can build a nation where the labor force is respected and adequately compensated for their invaluable contributions to our society.” The statement reads.