Kano: AFRI-CIRD Stands by its Position, Reiterates Call for Adopting Tech-Based Solutions to Tackle Insecurity

A Kano-based think tank, the African Centre for Innovative Research and Development (AFRI-CIRD) has maintained its earlier position on condemning the rising incidents of thuggery which causes insecurity across some communities within Kano metropolis.

This was made known in a statement sent to  the Emergency Digest by the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of the organization, Mohammed Bello.

Mr. Bello was reacting to a statement issued by  Maimuna Sherif, the special adviser to the Kano state governor on community policing, who described the rising thuggery in Dorayi as a “small clash between vigilantes and thugs” in that particular community.

The statement reads in full below:

“The African Centre for Innovative Research and Development (AFRI-CIRD) wants to restate its position against the recent surge in thuggery (known as Daba) that has caused a sense of insecurity across some communities within the Kano metropolis, particularly in the Dorayi community.

“We would like to clarify that our earlier statement did not discredit the efforts of our security forces in the state as misrepresented by erring reports. Instead, we condemned the rising activities of thuggery (Daba) that are causing insecurity in some communities within the metropolis. Our objective is to highlight the concerning security situation in the state and suggest alternative solutions to tackle the issue head-on with the kind of urgent attention it deserves.

“However, it is unfortunate that some elements have taken to the stage and politicised the situation by describing the incident as “a small clash between vigilantes and thugs in that particular community” while describing AFRI-CIRD’s earlier release as “misleading”.

“This is not acceptable, and AFRI-CIRD strongly condemns such a report. Any activity by any person that causes harm or injury to lives and properties, and threatens peaceful coexistence such as the thuggery (Daba) recently displayed at Dorayi community, should be outrightly condemned and not be coloured in such an insensitive phrase, especially by authorities interfacing between the citizens and the government. Such unprofessional conduct has the potential to weaken citizen’s trust in the government’s hard-earned security efforts to deepen peaceful coexistence in the communities.

“The Kano State Commissioner of Police, CP Muhammad Usaini Gumel, recently visited the Dorayi community to address the issue of increased insecurity in the area attributed to the activities of the thugs (‘Yan-daba); an act that underscores the existence of security threat in the area. During his visit, the Commissioner engaged with the residents, elders, and other stakeholders to find a solution to the problem.

“The State Police Command has already taken decisive action by arresting six (6) suspects in connection to the rising crime in the area. The police are currently conducting a thorough investigation and have declared several others who are still at large as wanted. This move is commendable and reassuring to the community. The Commissioner has also promised to establish an Anti-thuggery or Anti-Daba unit at Dorayi, which demonstrates a commitment to tackling the problem head-on through community policing. AFRI-CIRD commends these efforts.

“However, we believe that more comprehensive solutions are necessary to complement the current efforts. As such, AFRI-CIRD once again calls for the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) tools and other technological solutions as part of a multifaceted approach to combat insecurity and other forms of criminality in Kano. AI-powered solutions can significantly enhance security measures by monitoring and analyzing data from CCTV cameras and other sensors in real time to detect suspicious activity and deploy resources effectively to areas of concern. AI can also analyze crime patterns to predict where and when crimes are most likely to occur, enabling preventive measures. Additionally, AI can assist with facial recognition, data analysis, and lead generation, resulting in faster and more effective investigations.

“AFRI-CIRD appreciates the actions taken by the Kano State Police Commissioner in Dorayi. We believe that the use of AI and other technological solutions can significantly enhance security in Kano and guarantee the safety of its residents.

“However, it is important to stress that people, especially government officials who interact with citizens, should refrain from politicizing security issues. Security is a sensitive matter that affects the lives and property of citizens and should be treated as such.”


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