House of Representatives
House of Representatives

The House of Representatives has asked state governments to order enrollment of children in school compulsory.

It also urged relevant agencies in states to hold children found loitering during school hours and have their parents face the appropriate consequences.

The resolutions followed a motion at the plenary on Wednesday by Rep Olamijuwonlo Ayodeji Alao Akala, who said the actualisation of promoting the right to education was bedeviled by issues such as low enrolment of children, particularly the girl child, low completion of basic education, shortage and poor quality infrastructure in schools.

He said to ensure the efficiency and productivity of children, as well as security for a better future for the Nigerian child, swift action needed to be taken to address the education crisis.

The house, after debating the motion, urged the federal government to increase budgetary allocation for education to accommodate free basic education for Nigerian children.

It also asked the Ministry of Education to ensure the realisation of free basic education for all Nigerian children with no hidden charges.The house urged UBEC to prescribe the minimum standards for basic education with effective and strict monitoring of the standards and personnel audit of teaching and non-teaching staff.