How Tinubu was Misled in Nominating Shetty as Minister- Ganduje Reveals

The national chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Abdullahi Ganduje, at the weekend revealed how President Bola Tinubu, was “misled” into nominating Maryam Shetty, the ministerial nominee from Kano whose nomination was withdrawn.

He said the president did not consult him before Ms Shetty’s nomination.

He added that the president only contacted him after the public outcry about some of Ms Shetty’s posts on social media.

Denying that he was responsible for her replacement, Ganduje said he knew little about her, and he did not question why the president nominated her from Kano without consulting him.

He added that the president only contacted him following a backlash on social media that greeted her nomination.

“In the selection of ministerial nominees, the president has people that are giving him advice across states, and the president has the power to nominate whoever he likes, and he also has the power to make consultations on the persons he had chosen to serve in his cabinet from the people of that particular state.

“You know, in a palace (presidency), some people claimed to know much about something, but they did not; we just saw Ms Shetty’s name like any other Nigerian; we are followers of the president, we are careful, we did not challenge the choice of Ms Shetty because we did not know much about her personality and capabilities to deliver on the job that makes us remain mum.

“But problems started when her social media post started to cause a stir. Social media always kept a record of what you and what you have even forgot you posted. People on social media started challenging her personality in representing the people of Kano and her capability for the job. This brings about the problem,” Ganduje said.