Chimela Nwoke, The Victim

Chimela Nwoke still missing, 3 months after attack in Anambra

Distraught family cries for help as Mr Chimela Nwoke is still missing 3 months after coming under gunmen attack in Anambra.

If the family of Chimela Nwoke knew what was about to befall them three months ago, they wouldn’t have allowed their father to embark on a business trip to Anambra State.

The current situation in the family of Nwoke, can be described as one filled with tears and anguish since Mr Chimela Nwoke went missing after he was attacked by gunmen in Ihiala, Anambra State while returning from a business trip with some friends.

According to Mr Nwoke’s daughter identified as Lilian, who spoke exclusively with Newsband, said that her father after losing his marine job went into driving as a side hustle in order to keep his body and soul together.

She said that the father has been travelling to other States peacefully until he was directed by the company where he works to pick up a top shot in Anambra State whose identity this paper is yet to verify.

Lilian further explained that after the father with other drivers he travelled with to Anambra, finished the business that brought them to the State, on their way back to Port-Harcourt, while getting to Ihiala, they were ambushed by gunmen who opened heavy gunfire on them.

According to Lilian, three other vehicles that were in his father’s convoy luckily escaped but riddled with multiple bullets.

Though, she said the three vehicles that actually escaped from the gunmen were bullet proof cars. The father who was driving a manual hilux van with a mobile police officer sitted in the front, could not manoeuvre his way out.

While the police officer was fast to escape, abandoning his gun on the process, the father was unfortunately caught up in the entire attack.

On the day of the attack, Lilian further recounted that his father’s mobile number was going through until it suddenly went down. It was the mobile police officer who narrowly escaped from his father’s vehicle that came back home to narrate to the family what happened.

Three months after, nobody can tell if Mr Nwoke is still alive or not. Even his abductors have not established any form of communication with the family after the horrific incident that led to his disappearance.

She also told Newsband that an entry was made both in Anambra and Rivers State Police command where the family lives.

However, the family is appealing to the government of professor Chukwuma Soludo to look into the case and help to find their father as his absence has brought pain and anguish to the entire family.

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