Train attack: Terrorists issue fresh threat
EMERGENCY DIGEST- The terrorists who attacked the Abuja-Kaduna train on March 28 have issued a two-week ultimatum to the federal government to release their children before negotiation for the release of the abducted passengers can begin.

While nine persons were shot dead in the attack, some sustained injuries while over 60 passengers, including children and elderly persons, were abducted.

However, a Kaduna-based Publisher, Tukur Mamu, has said the children of the Abuja-Kaduna train attackers have been found alive and in good condition at an undisclosed location.

The terrorists had contacted him to demand the release of their children seized from their mothers by the federal government as a condition to negotiate the release of the passengers abducted in the March 28 attack.

Mamu told journalists on Monday that the pictures and video of the children had been sent to their parents as proof of their condition as demanded.

“We have gone the extra mile and succeeded in identifying their (children) location and we confirmed to them with proof that these kids are alive and well taken care of. The evidence sent to them had really helped in dousing their anger and tension.

“It has also given them confidence that within the little time a move was made to identify their whereabouts and found them alive. Having done that we pleaded with them that since there is the tendency of getting their children back so what will they give in return for the effort done.

“They agreed in principle that the earlier threat of stopping the feeding and provision of medical services to the victims has been withdrawn and that it will continue at their expense.

“Also, the threat to commence execution has equally been withdrawn but with two weeks conditions for a positive response.

“If the government is sincere and serious within two weeks they will come up with terms for a serious talk. But if within the two weeks there is no positive development that will be the end,” he said.

Mamu declined further comment on where the children are and in whose custody after they were found for security reasons.

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