Department of State Service, DSS

X-Raying DSS’ Combat Strategy of Tackling Job Scams

By Mukhtar Ya’u Madobi

Recently, the Department of State Service, DSS, raised an alarm, cautioning the public that its intelligence agency is currently not carrying out any recruitment exercise.

While shedding light on the issue, image maker of the service, Dr. Peter Afunanya, in a statement, noted that the agency does not recruit online, sell job application forms or demand money from prospective employees in the cause of its employment processes.

“The public is, by this notice, advised, for the umpteenth time, to be wary of fraudsters who operate fake and misleading websites designed to fleece them.

“Interested candidates are advised to make recruitment enquiries from the Service’s Headquarters, Abuja, its State Commands, other Formations nationwide, official website,” the statement noted.

The refutal by the DSS was necessary in order to protect Nigerians from deceptive scammers.

Since time immemorial, fraudsters have been luring desperate job seekers by scamming them to part away with a huge sum of money, promising to secure them an offer of employment at government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, MDAs, in return.

Through this shady dealing, many people have lost their hard-earned money without ever getting a job in return.

Recalled that a Kano State High ourt had in August 2021 sentenced one Ado Sarkin Fulani to seven-years imprisonment, after finding him guilty of defrauding someone, with a promise to get him enlisted into Nigerian Custom Service, NCS.

Meanwhile, it is pertinent for the public to understand how recruitment into an intelligence agency like the DSS. The job requires some reasonable level of secrecy and ingenuity, as it deal with the act of eliminating any form of challenges aimed at threatening the well-being of national security.

Thus, most of the recruits for these category of agencies emerge through recommendations and thorough screening processes.

However, the issue of unemployment in Nigeria has reached an alarming state over the past years. A lot of people are roaming the streets without meaningful jobs at their disposal.

In the same vein, tertiary institutions have continued to graduate students, who do not stand the chance of securing limited white-collar jobs.

Report has indicated that, 54% of Nigerian youth, who made up of almost 60% of the entire population are currently jobless.

This is really not helping matters, as the ugly development is worsening the security situation in the country, as a large portion of these unemployed youth are becoming easy target of recruits by non-state actors.

Therefore, the time is long overdue for the government to nip these form of crises in the bud, before they explode and consume all of us.

Great efforts should be channeled towards provisions of gainful employment to the teeming youths through empowering them with necessary skills to start their businesses, aside providing them with start-up capitals.

Mukhtar is a Staff Writer with the Emergency Digest.

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