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Family of Lagos soldier allegedly killed by DSS demands justice

The family of a soldier, Peter Adetayo, who was allegedly shot by operatives of the Department of State Services in the Lekki area of Lagos State, has demanded justice for him.

He died in a hospital about three weeks after the attack.

A member of his family, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he had been getting death threats for seeking justice for his brother.

“I have been threatened so much about this. I am not a social media person but the threat to my life on this is much. Why should I keep shut after my brother was killed? They want me dead or alive! They want to silence me,” he stated on Wednesday.

Adetayo reportedly purchased some motorcycles, which he handed over to some people for commercial purposes.

The men were said to have agreed to remit a certain amount to him after the close of work every day.

However, one of them reportedly defaulted in paying the soldier for about three weeks.

Efforts to get the motorcyclist to regularise his payment were said to have proved abortive.

Adetayo, however, tracked the motorcyclist down to a slum in Lekki; but his visit coincided with a raid by the DSS.

During the raid, the DSS operatives were said to have harassed residents alongside Adetayo, who was not in uniform.

The victim’s family member said an argument ensued between the soldier and the operatives.

“The DSS guy slapped him, and out of reflex, he slapped the guy back. While my brother was trying to put his hand inside his pocket to bring his ID card out, to show the DSS guys that he was a military guy, the DSS man shot him, “he added.

The spokesperson for the 81 Division, Nigerian Army, Olaniyi Osoba, said an investigation was ongoing to unravel the circumstances surrounding the death.

“Currently, there is a joint investigation to ascertain the circumstances that led to his death,” he added.





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