Dr. Iyorchia Ayu, PDP National Chairman
Dr. Iyorchia Ayu, PDP National Chairman

That Ayu’s Unwarranted Attack On DSS

By Zakary Bidoma

For record, the primary objective of any security institution in every nation across the globe was to protect the country against any form of threat capable of compromising its continuous existence as a corporate entity.

In addition, that security outfit must also put in place appropriate measures aimed at properly safeguarding the properties and lives of the citizens. By doing so, the country is set to navigate clearly on a path towards achieving national security, which will apparently lead to corresponding national developments across various sectors.

To that effect, Nigeria’s security agencies have continued to remain professional by being neutral and shunning all forms of political, religious or tribal affiliations in the course of discharging their constitutional mandates of ensuring security.

Therefore, being unbiased in the course of performing duty has been a great weapon of success to which security agencies have held onto in delivering their security function.

However, in spite of being meticulous and operating within their outlined jurisdiction, some sections of misguided individuals have since found it a pleasure to launch unwarranted and folly attacks on these patriotic security agencies, at the expense of any slight chance that comes their way.

The recent unguarded and unwholesome verbal attack launched against the caliber of the Department of State Service, DSS by the PDP national chairman, Iyorchia Ayu is shameful and came as a surprise, to say the least.

Dr Ayu launched this aggressive campaign in Owerri, the capital city of Imo state during a political event function. He bluntly asserted that, the opposition party, PDP will not use DSS as a tool to  ‘harass’ people when they take over Aso Rock Villa come 2023.

Honesty, I was even surprised to have found out that these unsubstantiated accusations originated from the kind of personality, like Ayu. This is because he has been among the lucky citizens to have enjoyed and benefited greatly from the professional services of DSS as a security organization during his voyage while holding various political offices.

Recall that, Dr. Ayu has served Nigeria in various capacities including; President of the Senate President, Minister of Education, Industry, Internal Affairs and Environment. And during all these journeys, he is accompanied with full complements of Security details including the personnel of the DSS, an organization he now turned against with dumbfounded attacks for the purpose of attaining his selfish political gains, without putting the nation’s interest first at heart.

Of all people, Ayu should have known and attest to the fact that the Service is never used to harass the people or toy with their fundamental rights as enshrined in the constitution.

Nonetheless, Ayu should by now beware that even if he had once misused his security details in compelling them to perform an ungodly act without the knowledge of the service, that era had since become a history of the past, and thus he ought to have a second thought.

To set the record straight, DSS has since its inception, restrained itself from joining issues, particularly with politicians and thus, it disapproved of such a statement which is considered unjustified, unfair, speculative and preposterous.

Over the years, DSS has been performing its constitutional role of protecting the lives and properties of citizens in conjunction with other security agencies. Hence, the service does not deserve this derogatory comments from any member of the public who happened to be the sole beneficiaries of its unceasing services.

It is pertinent for the public to understand that, these kind of baseless campaigns aimed at smearing the image of a particular security network of a country, will no doubt pave the way for the miscreant elements to take advantage to conduct their heinous acts.

Because, these so-called and needless provocative attacks can incite the public against a particular security outfit. And what do you think will be the outcome when the citizens have doubt, lose confidence and develop hatred against the security agency that is meant to protect them?

No doubt, the gravity of the consequences will have extended ramifications on national security, especially at the present situation where mutual trust and cooperation between community members and security agencies has been a critical factor in the success of the fight against insecurities.

People will be reluctant to share vital and credible information with the security personnel, which will go a long way in creating a vacuum in the set up that might bring about a security breach.

In a nutshell, to Ayu and other miscreants, there are so many plausible and holy strategic ways through which a person can woo political supporters without necessarily smearing the image of any person or organization (notably a security outfit for that matter) using false accusations.

In that regard, your past records in public service will speak greater volume about your tomorrow’s success.

Meanwhile, disinformation and misinformation have been employed as propaganda tools at various times by many people in pursuit of their selfish interests. And the results at most of the time have had a negative effect on the well-being of a particular society.

Hence, the public including politicians are therefore enjoined to always be mindful of their tongues whenever they decide to release information meant for public consumptions especially, involving security agencies. This is necessary for the purpose of avoiding information and public disorders.

Zakary Bidoma writes from Abuja



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