30,000 people affected by extreme cold weather in China

Approximately 30,000 locals in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region have q been affected by the extreme cold weather since Feb. 18, said the region’s emergency management department on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the freezing weather had inflicted damage on more than 196 hectares of crops, among which the crop yields of about seven hectares were demolished.

From Feb. 18, most of the region has seen rainy days, with part of Guangxi suffering from heavy rainfall and rainstorms.

Some mountainous areas in the northern part of Guangxi have reported icy road conditions or sleet.

Nine cities and 23 county-level regions in Guangxi have logged a total direct economic loss of more than 25.8 million yuan (about four million U.S. dollars) caused by the round of extreme weather, according to the department.


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