MNJTF Commander Reiterates Global Alliance Against Terrorism

The Headquarters Multinational Joint Taskforce (MNJTF) organized a befitting send forth in honour of Lieutenant Colonel Segolene Hobson (British Army) on the occasion of her successful completion of tour of duty which took place on 16 February 2022. Lt Col Hobson was the Commander Liaison and Support Team MNJTF as part of Operation TURUS and a United Kingdom (UK) Staff Officer for Development and Stabilization with Centre for Coordination and Liaison (CCL) in N’Djamena Chad. The Force Commander (FC) MNJTF, Major General Abdul Khalifah Ibrahim commended her outstanding performance and applauded her commitment in promoting cooperation and mutual support between the MNJTF, CCL and operation TURUS.

2. General Ibrahim praised her efforts in coordination of the medical outreaches for communities and conduct of series of training packages for MNJTF personnel, as part of the UK government support. He added that, the training packages and donation of twelve combat cameras will surely improve the troop operational efficiency and proficiency.

3. General Ibrahim urged to have a focused and proactive partnership between MNJTF and UK forces, pointing out that working together with partners will speedily end terrorism in the region. He said, such global alliance and collaboration will definitely open opportunities to explore common goals and aspiration in the fight against terror. Highlights of the event included decoration of the honorary MNJTF medal and presentation of the souvenirs to the departing senior officer. The event was hitch free.

4. In a similar event, an Executive Session in honour of Colonel IM Kabir (Nigerian Army) the outgoing Chief Military Intelligence Officer(J2) was held on 18 February 2022 at the HQ MNJTF N’Djamena Chad. Colonel Kabir has completed his tour of duty and will soon proceed on retirement after thirty-two years of meritorious service in the Nigerian Army. General Ibrahim lauded his deep analysis of information and near perfect projections, which impacted positively in the recent conduct of field operations. He said, it is a pride to serve in the military profession meritoriously and retire honourably in good health, hence he congratulated and wish him success in his future endeavours.

5. In another development, a total of twelve Military Staff Officers (MSOs) from Chad, Nigeria and Niger republics have completed their tour of duty. During the medal presentation ceremony, the MSOs were decorated with MNJTF medals, presented certificates and customized plaques on 18 February 2022. The colourful ceremony was in recognition and appreciation of their selfless contribution and support to the conduct of various operations across the sectors for the restoration of peace and security in the region.

6. General Ibrahim expressed satisfaction with their performance, which has enabled the Force to execute various offensive and humanitarian operations in the course of achieving the mandates of the MNJTF. Stating that, the situation in Lake Chad is getting better, now Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are returning to their localities and engaging in different socio-economic activities. “Despite ongoing terrorists surrender to the troops, the Force will continue to launch offensive attacks until the remnant of the criminals are totally smoked out of their enclaves” he added.

7. The FC appreciated the unrelenting support of the Troops Contributing Countries to MNJTF in accomplishing its mandates, thus restoring the much-needed peace and security in the region. He paid tribute to the fallen heroes, who paid the supreme sacrifice. He prayed for the eternal repose of their souls and wish speedy recovery to the injured ones. All the events were hitch free

Im another development, the FC MNJTF Maj Gen AK Ibrahim accompanied by the Chief J9 Col Marc Houndji and the Police Adviser, ACP AA Mohammed attended the Joint Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) and Regional Stabilization Strategy (RSS) Retreat which held on 17 Feb 22 at Mara near N’djamena. The aim of the retreat was to allow for discussions and analysis of the inter-linkages between programmes, projects and activities, improve coordination and team work between the LCBC structures and create a common understanding of the different work areas.

The FC in his opening remarks thanked the organizers of the retreat for the opportunity created to engage with various stakeholders and build broader relationships across different levels. He also thanked the RSS secretariat for the wonderful support and collaboration and for always exploring avenues and channels to bring support to MNJTF.

General Ibrahim pointed out that the war against terrorism cannot be won by military actions alone ,but by a multi dimensional approach involving all relevant stakeholders playing their professional roles. He highlighted some of the key activities that have yielded positive results in 2021, such as civil military dialogue which was facilitated through medical outreaches funded by the UK Government. “This laudable effort helped in strengthening relationship between MNJTF and affected communities as well as helped in attracted other support for possible implementation to execute some quick impact projects” he said.

The FC then assured them of the will, support and commitment of the MNJTF to strengthen military pressure in addition to non kinectic activities to further decimate the insurgents. He added that MNJTF is poised to support projects and programmes of internal and external partners aimed at improving the livelihoods of the local populace.

Thereafter, there was a presentation which gave insights into the current situation in the Lake Chad Basin region looking at the current situation amongst the JAS faction of the BHT/ISWAP faction which included the death of key leaders and surrenders of many members including their families, the current relocation of IDPs to their ancestral homes, the gradual return to normalcy in certain parts of the region amongst others. The presentation was followed by interactive session to enable the participants ask questions from not only the Senior Researcher but also from the FC and other invited special guests. Some critical questions concerning the roles of the civil police in the war amongst others were appropriately raised and aptly answered. The retreat was a successful outing and the FC has since returned to his HQ in N’djamena.

Colonel Muhammad Dole
Chief of Military Public Information
HQ MNJTF N’Djamena Chad
18 February 2022

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