Banditry: Zamfara LG administrators warned to be vigilant

The Chairman, Zamfara State Taskforce Committee on Security, Abubakar Muhammad Dauran has called on local government sole administrators and task force committees at the local governments to tighten their belts and ensure adequate security in their areas.

The chairman made the statement while holding a meeting with some administrators and chairmen subcommittee at the state level in his office on Thursday.

Dauran, however, assured members of total support of the state government, calling on the members to be extra vigilant at any second, minute or hour.

“We should not give these criminal elements the chance to be operating freely in any part of the state”

“It is now a do or die affair as the bandits must be brought to their knees because we are tired of all these killings and kidnappings in the state”

Admitting that the committee was not doing much at the moment, he said there was a need for everyone to redouble their effort to justify why each one of them has been included in the committee.

“We know we are doing our best, to be frank, and we believe the Governor is aware of our efforts and that’s our great appreciation”.

“So it’s high time to tighten our belt once again because nowadays we have not been doing our best”

He opined that the governor is aware of the activities of the committee warning that members cannot fold their hands and leave unscrupulous elements to move freely without taking any action against them.

“So I want to advise us to go back to the drawing board and continue what we are supposed to do. Let us work more than before let us show that we can do it and we are doing it”

Dauran appealed to various committees to sit up and restrategise for more action.



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