How Snakes Sneaked into Toilet Seats?

There are three openings on a toilet appliance.
The first and biggest opening is the rim of the bowl; it has a cover and is the part that people sit on when they use the toilet. Snakes can only get into the toilet seat from this opening by climbing over the rim.

The second opening is a small opening just close to the top of the toilet seat through which a small pipe brings in the flushing spray from the cistern into the toilet. Snakes can only get into this hole thru the cistern. The cistern cover must have an opening before a snake can get into it, but this only happens if the cover is broken or deliberately removed. And the pipe to that opening is usually 32mm (1 1/2 inches) wide so a snake will need to be really small to fit through it

The third and last part is a 100mm (4inches) wide round opening at the lower part of the back of the toilet through which the seat is connected to the waste, the evacuation pipe from the back of the toilet seat to the inspection chambers

Most reptiles usually get into the toilet seat using this last opening

The waste (the evacuation pipe from the toilet) connects the toilet to an inspection chamber. This chamber is usually has to two other pipe installations, the waste, connecting it to the soakaway pit, and the vent pipe, that allows stale air to escape from the soakaway pit.

If one a snake happens to access any of these two openings, or finds another opening on the inspection chamber (like a break on the cover slab of the chamber), the snake can conveniently find it’s way into the toilet seat

The vent pipe is usually the most weak point when it is not properly covered…

Thus snakes get into toilets through the back pipe as follows:…

1, When the vent pipe is not properly covered, snakes can now go into the vent pipe and down into the chamber then to the toilet seat.

2. If the inspection chamber is broken and open to the outside, snakes can find their way into it and through there to the toilet

3. If the soakaway pit is poorly covered or the cover has an opening, snakes can also go through there into the inspection chamber and into the toilet seat

How can one stay safe?

Do not visit the toilet without a lamp

Always inspect the toilet bowl and it’s surroundings before use

Inspect vent pipes, soakaway pits and inspection chambers periodically for holes and breaks.

Hire the right people to build, maintain or clean your home or shelter.

Do not use the toilet floor as packing space. Keep it tidy such that it is easy to see at once whether it is clean and clear, or occupied by foreign bodies.

Take care of your house so that it will take care of you.


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