I’m a Military Apologist and Unapologetically
By Jibrin Baba Ndace

It is common knowledge that in Nigeria, when you support or defend a course that does not align with the thinking or mindset of some Nigerians, you will be tagged an apologist of such stand or view point.

I was not therefore surprised when recently PRNigeria owned by Alhaji Yushau Shuaib was labelled apologist of the Nigerian military for reporting the killing of a notorious banditry kingpin, Dogo Gide. The question I asked is, have those criticizing the platform forgotten so soon some battles the platform fought for some of its stories considered harsh to the military establishment?

While I am not in any way defending PRNigeria, the publisher has the capacity and ability to do that, I dare ask – what is wrong with being an apologist of an institution that toils day and night, in the rain and under the sun to keep our country safe?

I make bold to say that I am a military apologist – and I am unapologetically so. In taking this stand, I owe no one any apology.

Indeed, as a Nigerian, I am very proud to be a military apologist. If being a defender, supporter, upholder, advocate, proponent, exponent, promoter, champion, enthusiast, apostle, backer and even a propagandist qualifies me to be labelled a military apologist, so be it. I rather be a military apologist than being an apologist for some forces determined to consistently denigrate the military and other security forces and undermine the national interest, national unity and Nigeria’s sovereignty.

It is important for Nigerians to realise that for the military and other security agencies to win the war against all manner of criminal non-state actors, we need more military apologists – Nigerians who will own their military, Nigerians who will understand that the military is fighting their battle, Nigerians who will differentiate the war from the warriors, Nigerians who will amplify the gains of the military in the counter insurgency operations and downplay success of criminal non-state actors – terrorists, insurgents, kidnappers, bandits, armed robbers, Nigerians who will celebrate their military and denigrate all criminals. In this “Age of durable disorder” where the military and other security forces are fighting unconventional wars, the battle among the people, where the enemy is a brother, winning the war requires a whole-people support on all fronts.

Jibrin Baba Ndace is a public commentator


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