Woman suffering from depression found dead in well

The Kwara State Fire Service on Sunday recovered the corpse of a 45-year-old woman, Mrs Fatimoh Ranti, who allegedly jumped into a well in the Asunara area of Ilorin, the state capital

Ranti, a mother of three, allegedly jumped into the well at Kola compound on Saturday.

A source said the deceased, who had been suffering from depression, woke up at midnight and went out to urinate, adding that she then jumped into the well.

He said, “We heard that someone opened the entrance door in the compound at midnight and we thought that she was going outside to urinate. But we felt something was amiss because we did not notice the person returning to lock the door till daybreak.

“Early in the morning when the Mogaji (compound head) was going round to greet members of the compound, he did not see her in the room.

“We quickly conducted a search and we called the fire service, which responded and found her inside the compound well.”

The Head of Media and Publicity of the Kwara State Fire Service, Hakeem Adekunle, who confirmed the incident, said the victim was recovered dead.

Adekunle said, “Indeed, it was sad that the woman was recovered dead from the domestic well by our firemen.

“Alhaji Asunara, the head of the compound who Fatimoh Ranti was handed over to, told the fireteam that the incident happened the previous night, only to be detected this morning (Sunday).”


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