FCTA Demolition site in Gwarimpa

Hoodlums Injure 8 FCTA Demolition Team In Abuja Community


Some hoodlums in Gwarimpa Estate in Abuja, on Tuesday, attacked the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Ministerial Taskforce on City Sanitation, leaving eight security personnel with various degrees of injuries.

It was gathered that three of the hoodlums were arrested with various dangerous weapons during a demolition exercise in the area while the injured personnels were rushed to the hospital for medical attention.

Trouble started when some of the area’s indigenous youngsters attacked members of the task force team with deadly weapons such as dane guns, stones, and petrol bombs, among other things, but the joint security forces were able to overcome them.

They threw stones, petrol bombs, and sticks at the taskforce team, injuring eight of them. Chairman of the FCT Ministerial Committee on City Sanitation, Comrade Ikharo Attah, while speaking on the incident, condemned the attack on the team, advising the natives to quit backing those who commit infractions in Abuja.

“Today is one of the days we are seeing extreme criminality we have in our society. We came here after two years that FCTA suffered extreme attacks on this same spot, a place called Lungu in Gwarimpa Abuja, where machine belonging to FCT worth over N300 million was damaged, some staff were badly injured one of them a Civil Defence officer called Tosin was badly injured and had two brain surgeries.

“Some of the people here believe that FCTA cannot come to this location because it is close to this indigenous village here, four people with Dane guns attacked us, while others attacked us with stones, catapult and other things.

“But we were very much in number and well prepared and they injured a Policeman who has been rushed to the hospital and also injured a staff of Development Control, he has an extreme cut on his head and I was so lucky some stones were thrown but it didn’t have much impact but my phone was damaged.

“One thing I want to appeal to our indigenous people, yes some infractions have been committed but the people should help us not to defend people who commit illegality close to their village, it is very painful that we came under heavy attacks, one of the Dane guns was recovered and the beauty about the whole thing is that Lungu, the notorious part of Gwarimpa has fallen, the shanties have been cleaned,” he said.

Meanwhile, Secretary, FCT Command and Control Centre, Peter Olumuj, while confirming the attack, said eight personnel were injured but only three were rushed to the hospital.

He said, “Today we are here in a village called Lungu in Gwarimpa Abuja, we came under heavy attacks by few people they called themselves vigilante and they attacked law enforcement officers that were doing their jobs.

“We have three suspects that have been handed over to the Gwarimpa Police division, further investigation will be carried out and the law will take its course, we always tell people not to allow shanties, slums in a planned and unplanned environment. That is why the team has been going round to clear all shanties and arrest all the criminal elements hiding in these shanties and alums in Abuja.”


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