Patigi Community and the Youth Life Expectancy: A Clarion Call

By Abu Abdulrahman

EMERGENCY DIGEST- According to the UN, the stage of youth in life is best described as a period of transition from the dependence of childhood to adulthood’s independence as members of a community. Youths are the primacy of every community. Community development lies on the youth’s furtherance in terms of both positive and negative influence by the community on life expectancy of its members as represented by youths of the community.

In Patigi community today, where life expectancy of a youth is basically astonished to the participation in politics for personal selfish interests, money making by hook or crook, display of luxuries, and birthday partying. All these social immoralities are common in our community due to restriction of fundamental principle of natures designed to collocate human existence on earth. And what do we expect in a community where vices are adorned as civilization or way of progression?

In a community where legitimate earning should be encouraged, youths need to be sensitised about their primitive experience and worldly enticement to ensure their cognizance of life. Youths should live in conformity with the true religious teachings. But as matter of fact, our community is not ready to denounce falsehood and any community where falsehood prevails is bound to accept irregularities or any form of atrocious activity.

In our today’s Patigi community, everybody is concerned about his/her family, not minding the livelihood of his/her neighbor(s). Every creation of The Almighty God has its purposes and fortunes while we were all created to support one and another; humility has to bind us together as creatures of ever living creator (Allah).

At times, I can’t help but to wonder when I see orphans in our communities not being cared for which makes a thought often catch my attention, “what is the life expectancy of these primitive orphans and less privilege individuals in our community? Do we think that their lives have no significance?” They may become the associates of our children or they may turn out to become miscreants who feel cheated and abandoned by their own community. And our community which neglected them as if they were invisible will definitely bear the brunt for the mayhem unleashed by the thugs, ritualists, assailants, burglars, petty thieves, occasional prostitutes etc. which such members of the community who were not given a sense of belonging eventually become in most cases.

Caring for others is not only limited to rendering financial support but also virtues like smiling, advising, encouraging, and standing for them in terms of social needs.

In our community today, the most obvious competition amongst the youths that trend now is birthday parties but this should be frankly frowned at because this usually tempted many to illegal influence of earning and very disastrous to our community that call for exigency to curb. But now, I admire some of our youth that compete in acquiring academic certificates such as University Degrees, HND, ND, NCE among other oriented results.

Our leaders should encourage the young scholars to indulge in positive norms like modesty, piety, honesty, responsibility, empathy, compassion, kindness, tolerance, endurance, perseverance, truthfulness, and contentment. This is because the lack of such characteristic initiatives makes our youths to delve into the various atrocious acts that we are currently facing in our community. Let us be contented with what Allah has blessed us with. Our community needs serious prayers coupled with all necessary actions to discourage our people from engaging into any form of nefarious activities.

May Allah salvage our community from every evil that will damage the enviable reputation of Patigi which it has been known for over the centuries. May Allah guide our leaders, our youths, our children and even our future generations aright in order for us to collectively save guard the good name of our dear community.





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