Yushau Shuaib of PRNigeria and the hawks called critics, By Haruna Abdullahi Haruspice

EMERGENCY DIGEST – In the rest of the other regions, intellectuals peer review themselves in supportive boost. In the north, intellectuals are quick to lampoon each other. They tear themselves in pejorative gusto and exterminate any air in you. The region is infested with incubated envy by those who called themselves writers. Nothing you do pleases them, they look for hole in your wholeness – of course, to curry ephemeral social media hailing.

In one week, they came hard on Isah Pantami, and now on cerebral writer and reputational management maestro Sir Yushau Shuaib. Like Pantami, Yushau is a sustaining light in public relations, he measures up to any defined standards and even dwarfs those who lay claim to communication practices. He has more impact than those who say they are writers. When he writes, he communicates, when he writes, he teaches. He writes for all shades of audience, unlike others who write for registered audiences – usually not more than a hundred.

If you envy Yushau, you envy professionalism, you despise honour and frowns at practical media clinic. Only he domesticates the theory and practice of mass communication sectored into raw journalism, public relations, development journalism, conflict communication strategies and image and reputational management. He is never found in the cubicle of silly and adversarial journalism; he provides panacea and not rambunctiousness as it is the practice with those who are perpetually bittered with everyone but themselves.

Find something worth doing instead of hawking your hate on this globally recognised award-winning journalist called Yushau Shuaib. He is not on the same wing of impact and influence as you.

Frankly musing.

Haruna Abdullahi Haruspice writes from Abuja


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