How TMG ‘ll Help Deepen Nigeria’s Democracy–Rafsanjani

The newly-elected Chairman of the Transition Monitoring Group (TMG), Auwal Musa Rafsanjani, said under his leadership the group will contribute to the development and entrenchment of the country’s democracy.

This, he noted, will be through advocating electoral transparency.

Rafsanjani, disclosed this at a press briefing yesterday, while unveiling his program of action, which is geared towards ensuring democratic and electoral transparency in the country.

He complained bitterly on how Nigerians have lost confidence in the nation’s electoral system, pledging to emphasized on some key action areas that will bring about electoral and democratic improvement in Nigeria.

He said their group will prioritize extensive voters’ education to ensure Nigerians understand the nation’s electoral processes, as well as their rights and consequences of succumbing to political manipulations from politicians and their agents.

“And this is due to malpractice, manipulation, violence, commercialization and privatization of political parties and political offices for self-centered interest,” Rafsanjani added.

On the nation’s security challenges, the TMG Chairman, lamented the recent breach of the security architecture of Nigerian Defence Academy in Kaduna by bandits and other security challenges bedeviling the country.




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