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Amotekun rescues boy from suspected ritualist

An 18-year-old boy identified as Segun Thomas has been rescued by men of the Ondo State Amotekun Corps while being taken to an unknown destination by a suspected ritualist.

The suspected ritualist, 65-year-old Akorede Lawal was arrested in Ore in Odigbo Local Government Area of Ondo State where he and his victim had alighted from a bus.

It was an argument between the suspect and the victim at a motor park in Ore that attracted people and men of the Amotekun Corps were called in.

The boy narrated that he was going to an automobile workshop in Mushin, Lagos State, where he is an apprentice and was surprised to find himself in Ore, Ondo State.

It was in the course of questioning from the suspect that the victim revealed that his father is based abroad.

He said: “On my way to the shop, I met this man that said I should help him to carry his bag that it was too heavy for him since he was carrying another bag.

“I took the bag from him, hoping he will soon get a vehicle that would take him to his destination. But helplessly, I found myself following him. He asked me about my parents and I realized I was answering him and was responding to all he was saying.

“He asked me to place a call to my father who is living abroad to request money. I agreed to that and we got to Ojota.

“We entered vehicle going to Ore.

When we got to Ore, the driver asked me to pay my money and took the load from me. That was when I regained my memory and realized that I’m already in Ondo State.


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