General Haliru Akilu
General Haliru Akilu

Non-Speedy Trials, Prosecutions of Suspects Aggravate Insecurity—Gen. Akilu

A former Director, Directorate of Military Intelligence, Brigadier General Haliru Akilu (retd.) has lamented how soft treatments, lack of speedy trial and prosecution of criminals are aiding incessant insecurity in the country.

General Akilu in an interview with Kaftan Television monitored by Emergency Digest, blamed the Offices of the National Security Adviser (NSA) and that of the Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF) for the rising cases of secessionists’ agenda across the country.

“Where is the office of the NSA? Where is the office of the AGF? You allowed all these nonsense happening in the country, no, is a lack of seriousness in the leadership of those places. We were so mad about what happened and now somebody has seen Kanu was succeeding, he said he wanted to start in Southwest, Sunday Igboho and is because the way we are handling each and every situation,” he said.

On the rampant kidnapping incidences across the nation, the former Intelligence Chief noted that the lack of speedy trials and convictions of suspects encouraged other criminals in joining terror gangs.

He said: “This kidnapping, we have somebody as celebrity called Evans. How many years are you going to dispose of the case of Evans? Because of that, people are now saying if I am a kidnapper nothing will happen to me. Let me look at somebody who kidnapped , who killed, he killed more than ten people, he took money from so many people, this man is still enjoying in the prison.

“Where is this Wadume case of Taraba? That one another criminal who was a big kidnapper, who arranged with military and killed Police Officers at a check point in Taraba, where is his case? He is still enjoying in the hand of warders, what sort of country are we? Because you are treating these cases with liberty that is why we are having reoccurrence and new people are being recruited to this business so-called kidnapping.

“See how innocent school children, now we can’t continue schooling in Kaduna state because no parent wants to release his child to go and be kidnapped. So, it is most unfortunate the way we are handling the whole security system is what is causing the deterioration of security in the country and unless we change, we are not going anywhere, it is a pity.”

The retired Army General also pointed out that leadership requires competence, pro-activeness and strategic decision making towards ensuring peace and safety of citizens.

“Having leadership that will bring Nigeria together and move the country forward, that is my wish, your wish and our leaders’ wish. I know it is not the wish of Buhari to see us in the way we are, but it is the capacity, it is the capacity as I said, I don’t blame him because God has endowed people with different capacities, it’s a pity. My only blame to him is why he even allowed himself to be for the second term. When he tested the first term, he saw the problem he should have rested; he would have been a hero by now.

“…See how Mandela did in South Africa, you were all born by that time. Mandela after serving one term in his lovely country, he knew the time was not for him, South Africa wanted a new generation to continue the match forward, he brought Mbeki and took over from him. That is good leadership, that is reasonable leadership, you know.

“So it is people who were championing that IBB wanted to perpetuate himself in government, no! When he saw the country wanted a change, he left by himself in 1993. So, it is my wish for this country to be at peace, to have progress and to have less corruption.”

General Akilu advised that in order to defeat the insurgency and other criminal elements, the government should ensure good governance, quality leadership, inter-agency cooperation, information gatherings, adequate training and manpower, the speedy trial of suspects must be taking into consideration and worked with.

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