Address Causes of Agitations, Nwabufo urges FG at JUN unveiling

The Association of Journalists for United Nigerian, on Tuesday, urged the federal government to look into the underlying causes of the wave of agitations, across the country.

Fredrick Nwabufo, Convener, Journalists for United Nigeria (JUN), made the call during the unveiling and maiden press briefing of JUN, in Abuja.

According to him, their JUN is strictly non-partisan; and not a pressure or lobby group, but a think-factory to connect minds in the media who are committed to a united Nigeria.

He said: “JUN, a group committed to peace-building, national cohesion and progress, notes the agitations for secession in some sections of the country.

“We acknowledge some of the fundamental issues behind these agitations–social inequality, poverty, unemployment, injustice and corruption.

“These are issues affecting all the people of Nigeria. Every Nigerian is marginalized. We cannot successfully treat the metastasising cancer if we do not surgically address the root causes.”

He pointed out that though self-determination is a universal right, but taking up arms to kill citizens and security agents pivots on the bounds of terrorism.

Nwabufo, while speaking further, urged Nigerians and other critical stakeholders in the country “to make the pursuit of peace at this tempestuous epoch in our evolution a bounden duty.”

According to him, the sustenance of Nigeria’s unity rests largely in the hands of journalists and media professionals.

His words: “The events in the country recently call for patriots to rise up and hold the fort. We cannot palliate the enormity of the challenges that confront us a people today. We have come to a point where all citizens, statesmen and women, young and old, must hold out hands and forge a common fist to deal with these existential threats”.


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