Nigeria Still to Come -By Chinedum Anayo

Nigeria is best known as the giant of Africa. A country of great people and fascinating cultures, the nation filled with one of the greatest potentials in Africa.

The citizens of Nigeria are very resilient and hardworking but have been actors of their own problems.

In Nigeria, we have accepted docility and gullibility over rationale.

Nigeria is a country where a right or benefit is celebrated as if it were a gift. People die everyday but when a few are rescued we jump and tattle about how the government have done the unthinkable.

The sole responsibility of every government is to protect it’s citizens and members of the society and also ensure the safety of properties pertaining. When we as Nigerians jump up and shout because a good road was constructed, we are nothing more than an accessory.

Problems always exist in every country, the difference is how the problems are first identified and then solved. What are the basic needs of every citizen of Nigeria? What are the obligations and duties of the State? These questions will not be emphasized because the majority of Nigerians are not asking.

Thomas Jefferson said ‘We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate’. If we do not ask or complain then how can we participate?.

Nigeria will always be the focus of every generation on this earth. If efficacy only comes from willingness and strength,Nigeria is still to come.

In the coming years questions will be asked, accountability will be accounted for and our accomplishment both as a country and as individuals will be visualized.

We all know colonialism and post colonialism have been too bitter to Nigeria and Africa on a broader scale. A universal truth is that the end is never exact but the end can only be predicted with maximum probabilities.


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