Scholar Raises Concern Over Igbo Exclusive Residential Community in Kano

A Kano-based scholar, Dr. Abdallah Gadon Kaya has raised concern over highbrow residential areas occupied exclusively by Igbos in Kano State noting that such allowance creates a vacuum for disunity.

In a video obtained by Arewa Agenda, the scholar who noted that the community located in Zungeru Road, behind Kano Airport said, “they have their massive gates, security and other facilities that prevent other people, especially indigenes from accessing. Government should not allow such to be happening when we can’t go to Onitsha, Aba, or Enugu and create an exclusive place for Northerners or Muslims like that.”

Dr. Abdallah, known for his clear stance on topical issues, called on the State Government to promote policies that will harmonize the Hausas and Igbos in the area and bring about peaceful coexistence.

“We should not have such exclusive places, the government should ensure there are mosques there and Kano indigenes should be given access to build houses too in such highbrow area,” Gadon Kaya insisted.

Arewa Agenda learned that many people are heeding the call.

Speaking on the matter, a Political Commentator and Secretary Arewa Youths Council (AYC), Bello Shehu States that, “It dangerous, especially when some ethnic groups are clamoring for separation from the rest of the country to now allow one tribe to exclusively occupy a highbrow. Even though Arewa people are denied such privileges of owning business premises and estates in Igboland, we need to mix up to promote national unity, tolerance, and brotherhood. That way, we can appreciate each other more and live peacefully together.”

Also, a security analyst who would not like to be mentioned states that, “let those from Kano be allowed to buy land and build houses there. Allowing this to continue will create another Igbo land within Kano and this is not good for security reasons otherwise anything can happen, especially with IPOB’s agitations by Nnamdi Kanu for the Biafra Republic and other secessionists

“Once there is a crisis, for example, such place can become a direct target, but with the coexistence, it will be difficult to target one tribe.”


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