Igangan killings: Defend yourselves, don’t wait for police, Amotekun, NINAS tells Yorubas

The Nigeria Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS), under the chairmanship of a second republic senator and renowned historian, Emeritus Prof Banji Akintoye, on Wednesday enjoined Yoruba people to courageously rise up to defend themselves against the Fulani terrorists and herdsmen attacking them in their homeland.

The NINAS, an umbrella body of self-determination groups in the southern and middle belt regions of Nigeria, advised the people not to wait for the police or Amotekun Corps to defend them against attacks by terrorists.

The disclosure was made in a statement entitled “Information for Activating Self-Defense,” signed by the chairperson of the Central Steering Committee of NINAS, Otunba Folashade Olukoya, and the spokesperson for the group, Mr Tony Nnadi.

NINAS argued that Nigeria’s 1999 constitution was designed to render state governors powerless on security-related matters so that all states and regions could be at the mercy of the central government.

The statement reads in part:

‘The apex leader of the umbrella body of Yoruba self-determination groups, Ilana Omo Oodua, The Alana (Professor) Banji Akintoye, who also doubles as the Chairman of NINAS, on Monday 7th June 2021, issued a red alert on security all over Yorubaland, which is one of the nations that make up NINAS.

‘A few weeks ago, the Nigerian Defence Minister, Magashi, urged all Nigerians to defend themselves with whatever they can lay their hands on. They should refuse to be sitting ducks, waiting to be killed.

‘The fraudulent 1999 constitution is deliberately wired to enable our governors, the supposed Chief Security Officers of their states to fail us in times of need. They have failed us woefully time and time again, being unable to activate or empower the various security agencies, including the Nigeria Police.

‘Therefore, we all have to come to terms with the reality that our lives are literally in our hands. All households are to be in charge of their own safety. Please do not wait for the police or Amotekun, etc, to come to your aid. Their phones are likely to be switched off at the time of your need. As happened in the attack on Igangan 6th June 2021.

‘Community vigilantes should now not be limited to night time but should be 24/7, with each adult member of the community taking part in rotation, three hourly, four hourly and so on. Whistles, car rims, and so on should be at hand to alert or wake up residents at the first sign of danger. Lookout points should be set up and changed from time to time because of internal saboteurs. If possible, safe havens/bunkers should be constructed for children and the elderly.

‘If necessary, that is, if you get unwholesome security reports, withdraw all children from schools, creche to university, and lock down your community. We cannot predict when these marauders will strike. We need to be vigilant at all times.’



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