IPOB Member Raising Biafra Flag

Stop Targeting the Entire South-East, By Barr. Dr. Chima E Nnaji


Why is the entire South East being threatened with war over IPOB/ESN. Assuming without conceding that IPOB/ESN is the UGM, what’s the basis of lumping the entire SE into IPOB as if every South Easterner is necessarily a member of the group. If Nigerians would be reasonable enough to identify Boko Haram as a terrorist group without lumping them with the North Eastern people, or FULANI killer Herdsmen/ bandits without necessarily condemning the entire FULANI ethnic group, what are the justifications for the narrative that is fueling the threat of war against the entire South East, rather than any perceived culprits?


The Security Agencies have always stated how tough it was for them to take out Boko Haram, upon the claim that being an assymetrical war, it’s always difficult. Why then is the narrative changing for the South East, a security situation that requires the adroit deployment of modern intelligence, rather than a lazy simplistic approach that is driven largely by hatred and primordial prejudices; and one which will definitely lead to genocide.


There’s need for caution by the operatives, for every action has its repercussions; even when the instigating authority would have fizzled out.


The Federal Government is headed by PMB, but the Federal Government is not PMB. The relevant agencies are hereby called upon to exercise their mandate with utmost caution and good faith, by arresting the growing unwarranted contrived and manipulated anti-Igbo campaign of calumny in some parts of the North. Igbos are not the problems of Nigeria and will never be, because all through the history of Nigeria, Igbos remain the only ethnic group that have invested in the much vaunted patriotism by living it and paying it’s prices. The current campaign of calumny designed to exterminate Nd’igbo is driven by envy and outright prejudice.
But lest we all forget, the person who pursues a fowl must be prepared to fall, not only epileptically but also cataclysmically!


Nd’igbo need no war, but it is also the case that a cow that does not have a tail long enough to fend off flies from its body, always has it’s god handy to improvise for it. Let wise counsel prevail, and let’s as a collective face our common enemies that are making life impossible in this clime.


Nnaji is a legal practitioner


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