Incessant Attacks of Northern Traders in the East is Condemnable–NYCN Boss

EMERGENCY DIGEST- The National President of Northern Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN, Isah Abubakar has lamented the continuous attacks and looting of goods belonging to traders moving from the North to South Eastern parts of the country, by some ‘misguided’ and ‘radicalized’ Igbo youths.

According to the NYCN boss, the wanton attacks have led to the loss of several lives and valuable properties.

Abubakar, disclosed this in a statement he personally signed and released to newsmen on Monday.

He further decries the silence of Governors and other political leaders of the South East extraction regarding the issue. “We have picked the signal. We wish to remind them [The Governors], that they were elected to protect lives and property of all and sundry and defend the spirit and letters of Nigeria Constitution, therefore  they most  wakeup from their slumber and protect the lives and property of law abiding Nigerians in their jurisdiction”. He said

Isah has also expressed concern on the continued molestation of Northerners in the Eastern region which is becoming unbearable and thus called on President Buhari to take necessary action in curbing the situation.

“We wish to therefore urge Mr. President to assert his authority as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and crushed all elements that have picked up arms against the state. Too much blood is being spilled in the land; we can’t stand the sight of it again”

“We wish to equally call on Mr. President to initiate processes of extraditing Nnamdu Kanu into the country so that he can face the charges he temporarily escaped from. We believe strongly that Nnamdi Kanu, the self-styled leader of IPOB is a jail bound bird that is only enjoying temporary liberty pending on when he will be brought back to the country” he said.

Abubakar also uttered his displeasure over the nonchalant attitudes of traditional leaders toward the unlawful attitude of their subjects.

“In the instance that the leaders of South East fail to call their children to order, Mr. President should declare a State of Emergency in the Five States of the region until the few renegades who have picked up arms against the state are subdued”


“We wish to commend our security agents due to their gallantry in neutralizing Dragon and members of his gang during their recent attempt to attack Imo Police Headquarters. More of this visible victory is needed to assert the supremacy of the state of criminal elements” he said.

The NYCN Boss has lastly preached for peace as the security agents are working tirelessly to bring the perpetrators to book. He added that, the Northern Youths will continue to be law abiding citizens and would not take law into their hands, but he however stressed that too much oppression may likely triggers a reaction.

“Lastly, while calling for calm as Security agents carries out their duty to bring the perpetrators to book, we wish to state that Northern Youth will not want to take laws into her hand but if we are pushed to the wall we will certain push back” he said.




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