TENSION: Robbers Ransacked Ibadan Community, Use POS Machines

EMERGENCY DIGEST- Robbers are renewing their approaches and reinventing themselves.

About 20 of them invaded an estate in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, armed with various weapons and POS machines, robbing numerous inhabitants of millions of naira and other valuables.

Some of the victims told The Nation that the hoodlums broke into their home at 11 p.m. on Sunday, moving from house to house and flat to flat.

Six people were hurt, they added, and the intruders hauled away phones, laptops, and large sums of money following a three-hour operation.

The criminals had targeted the estate two weeks before returning with POS equipment, according to the homeowners.

The hoodlums stole money and forced their victims to provide their Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards and Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) in order to withdraw money.

Where the withdrawal failed, the crooks took the ATM cards and fled.

The criminals robbed a Superintendent of Police two weeks ago.

The burglars allegedly got access to the estate via the recently excavated canal that connects Barika, Agbowo, and Orogun.

According to the inhabitants, the thieves separated themselves into groups and went from one flat to the next, armed with machetes, firearms, and other lethal weapons.

According to reports, no fewer than twenty households were robbed, with some victims receiving knife wounds.

“At House 31, where at least 12 flats were looted, the criminals forced people to use the POS that they supplied, but when the network failed the transfer, they gained the PIN and fled with the ATM cards,” a victim who requested anonymity said.

The bandits were forced to leave as police arrived with sirens and gunshots.

The spokesman did not answer his phone calls or react to the reporter’s text messages.



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