Insecurity: Advocates Of Military Intervention, Reckless, Irresponsible ― Oshiomhole

Former National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has described those seeking military Intervention in the country politics as reckless and irresponsible.

The former President of the Nigeria Labour Congress made the declaration on Friday in Abuja while playing host to
the leadership of the Law Students Association of Nigeria (LAWSON) who paid him a courtesy visit.

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Chief Robert Clarke, had on national television said a military government could be a temporary relief for Nigerians amidst the insecurity challenges facing the nation.

Comrade Oshiomhole described Chief Clarke as poor students of history who should know that the first casualty during a military Intervention is the rule of law.

Oshiomhole maintained that allowing the military to take charge of the country again would reverse the enormous gains of representative government put in place in 1999 after several years of military interregnum.

He advised Nigerians to have faith in the country, saying he won’t give up on the nation’s redemption.

He said, “Incidentally I watched on a national Television one of your very senior colleagues, Chief Robert Clerk, I was shocked when I saw him calling on the President to hand over to the military, I thought that was the height of irresponsibility, giving his knowledge, giving his age and a very senior member of the Bar. What is it that he wanted? He wants a military that will restructure Nigeria. It is again for me senseless because the structure as it is today, who put it in place? who overthrown the parliamentary system?

“The parliamentary system was overthrown by the Nigerian military, that is on record. Who created 12 states from the four regions by decree? It was the military. The current 36 states and FCT who created it by military decree!

“How can anybody who has lived through and who is familiar with our journey as a nation think that the solution to our problems as a nation is to hand over to the military? I thought, talking about the Rule of Law that is treason.

“You know we have freedom of speech but it does not include the freedom to canvass unlawful means to effect a change. When you canvas unlawful means, then you should be arraigned before a court of law and dealt with according to the law. Ignorance is not even an excuse in law not to talk of a Senior Advocate of Nigeria.

“I think that even in our moment of distress and regardless of what anybody thinks, the world is resolved and Nigeria is part of it that never again shall we be governed by an unelected government, never, we don’t want unelected Angels.”





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