Insecurity: Ex-Governors Sue For Peace, Unity

The Former Governors Forum (FGF) has appealed to Nigerians for peace in the midst of Nigeria’s worrisome security challenges in recent times.

In a press release issued by the executive secretary of FGF, Prof. Tunde Esan, on Tuesday, the Forum also called on Nigerians to be united in confronting the challenges.

“The past few months continue to witness manifestations of the grave danger that confronts our nation: erosion of peace and unity, and its attendant effect on the prosperity of Nigerians. From Maiduguri to Owerri, the erstwhile desire of the black race is mired in an avoidable plethora of errors, that threatens its foundation. Where did we get it wrong? This is just one of the questions that beg for an answer, It’s time to put a brake on this forlorn journey.

“The former governors are deeply concerned, while they commiserate with the families of victims of banditry, kidnapping, terrorists on a rampage, and seeming helplessness that seems to be sending signals of weakness on the part of the government to the enemies of our nation.

“More worrisome is the rise of non-state actors fuelling ethnocentric movements and groups. They must not be allowed to thrive.

“We must not give up. The position of Nigeria as the motivating model for other blacks, both in Africa and outside must be preserved. This can only be done when the government is alive to its responsibilities. Those who swore on the constitution, to uphold the territorial integrity of our nation must wake up.

“If nothing shocks those who are supposed to motivate our march to peace and posterity, the statistics from Kaduna state should: about a thousand kidnappings and more than three hundred deaths in the first quarter of 2021 alone. Our people deserve more than this. That is one state out of thirty-six states,” Esan said.

The Forum, therefore, called on Nigerians not to lose hope, saying that, “The Forum stand on the principle of what affects one affect all, therefore the Forum seeks inter-regional and Inter-state cooperation to forge common grounds in fighting insecurity that envelope our nation.

“The leaders of the Forum will equally be meeting key stakeholders both at the state and federal levels to join hands in proffering solutions. We cannot afford to fail, as a nation and we will not.



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