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IPOB Agitation: Igbos Must Rethink Before the Monsters Takeover

FROM WHAT I’M SEEING, we are creating the monster that will consume us all in the South East. We cannot be laughing when what we are doing is cutting our nose to spite our face.

Every day one Police Station is razed and we clap. Just today, it is the Zone 13 Headquarters in Ukpo, Dunukofia LGA in Anambra State and another station in Uzuakoli in Abia State.

There are almost no Police checkpoints on the roads in the entire Zone. Over 30 Police Stations have been razed and sacked. We have only stood by and watched while clapping under the table. We celebrate the monster that will consume us because we think it is “them” that are being killed not “us”.

What happens when there are no more Police Stations in Ala Igbo? What happens when there are no more security cover for our people in the Zone? What happens when these people we support today become the criminals and armed robbers of tomorrow? Under which law or sets of laws known to us now are they operating? The monster we create today will consume the Zone.

That is how insurrection and terrorism starts world over. The modus has always been; win over the locals and get their confidence, promise them what government cannot do for them and then turn around and be their government. That is how it starts. Boko Haram started like that. Preaching and doing plenty charity work. Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt started exactly the same way. The Taliban, Hizbollah, Al-qaeda and the big fish ISIS/ISIL all started by gaining the trust of the locals and presenting the government as an enemy of the people.

However bad government is, it cannot be a worse enemy of the people than non State actors who pretend as government. That we do not like Buhari, and we have justification not to, should not blind us to dig our own graves by our own hands. That is not the tradition of Ndi Igbo.

Again, let us not deceive ourselves, time will come when government will wake, rise up and decide to crush them. The question we cannot answer now is will it be a person who like Isah Pantami will look at us as infidels and celebrate our killing that will command the Army of invasion that will be unleashed? Will that Commander have joy in raping our wives and mothers and sisters instead of crushing the insurrection? Will our land not just be desecrated all in the bid to crush an insurrection?

We must be clear, the land that hosts the war eventually loses. There is no historical record of the land that hosts the war ever winning that war. Nobody brings war to his home. The bombs will drop on our lands, the land mines will be buried in our farms, the schools, churches, market and hospitals that will be destroyed are the ones in our land built by our people. We must shiver at the thoughts of this evil befalling us and we must never let it happen again.

Let us engage within the society as it is and this positionis not pushed out of fear. Play a role and get an Igboman as President now that we have clear chances and the coast is even clearer than ever. That can give us a better platform and pedestal on which to stand and negotiate or renogotiate the Nigerian State. We need that if we must tell ourselves the truth and the truth is what we owe ourselves.

Other nationalities that are purporting to shout “we want to go, we want to go” will most certainly chicken out and throw us under the bus. Awolowo collected Minister of Finance post and dumped agreements. We must learn our lessons. We cannot make a 1966 mistake in 2021. God forbid.People who never witnessed war Will think war is just shooting guns and killing people.They forget that

*War is starvation,
*War is rape,
*war is deprivation of movement,
*war is fear,
*war is lack of access to health care,
*war is lack of access to your wealth,
*war is Diseases,
*war is hopelessness,
*war is losing children,
*war is losing parents, *war is losing spouse, *war is losing loved ones,
*War is not going to school
*War is not going to work,
*War is excreting right in your hiding spot,
*War is drinking your own urine
*War is creating an entire generation who will be illiterates ,
*War is more terrible than herdsmen
*War is so much more than just shooting guns and ending lives.

Even after war it will take decades for a nation to heal to reconcile and to rebuild etc, Ask Rwanda, Congo, Liberia, South Sudan and Libya, War in reality is different from war in the movies. When next you wish for war ask those who have actually witnessed 1966 Nigerian Civil War, Everybody became casualties of war both dead and the living. “United we stand, divided we fall”.

Stop inciting the youth, Stop promoting Chaos, Stop forwarding messages and videos that are capable of causing crises.

May God Unite Nigeria “One love keep us together ”

This is for those who have ears.đź‘‚

Sensitization for peaceful coexistence must start now.


By Concerned Igbos for Peace


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