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On the Incessant Attacks of Security Outfits in Imo State: The Ripe Time to Nip the Crisis in the Bud, By Ya’u Mukhtar

By Ya’u Mukhtar

There is nothing novel regarding the episode of insecurity issue that is currently ravaging the country rather than the recent serial attacks on police and demolition of security facilities in the south-eastern part of the country, notably in Imo state.

Recallthat, on the early morning hours of Monday 5th April, PRNigeria reported that some heavily armed hoodlums believed to be members of the Biafra agitation group, Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB have launched a series of attacks during the midnight of Monday and invaded into the Correctional Center in Owerri, the Capital City of Imo where almost 2000 inmates were set free and also set ablaze Imo Police Headquarter including the vehicles parked in the premises

However, the proscribed group was quick to refute the claim of their involvement in these attacks on Nigerian security facilities. But in another twisting development, few hours after these daring terror attacks, the leader of the outlawed IPOB group, Namdi Kanu stated that no Nigerian deserved to be incarcerated, because some individuals [Boko Haram Terrorists] get freed and rehabilitated by authorities while others languish in custody.

He tweeted ‘if Miyetti Allah terror herdsmen and other murderous #Fulani groups, including Boko Haram insurgents can be arrested, freed and rehabilitated by this neo-colonial Fulanised @NGRPresident, then no single soul deserves to be in any prison in Nigeria. If you know you know! #UGM”

This vicious statement by Kanu has further signal element of truth that the group is surely responsible for these attacks as stated earlier by the Nigerian Police. In his response while reacting to the unfortunate incidence, Governor Hope Uzodinma disclosed that known political actors in the state were behind the terror attacks not the IPOB/ESN group as declared by the then sacked Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu.

In another worrisome development, on Tuesday, 6th April, 2021, another Police Headquarter in Ehime Mbano Council Area was also burnt by a group of gunmen, but no life or arm was lost, however, three vehicles were razed down. This is coming after the visit of Vice President Osinbajo and the sacked Police IG to Imo state.

Nevertheless, it is good to note that this secessionists group, IPOB has been firmly agitating for many years towards the self-actualization of Biafra nation within the south-eastern part of the country. The members of the group were also alleged to be behind the serial killings of security personnel and nonindigenous people in the eastern region of the country.

It can be remembered that during the ENDSARS protest, this same group played a pivotal role in the killings and maiming of security operatives, setting alight many police divisions, killing and destruction of properties including houses, mosques, shops, commodities, etc. worth millions of naira belonging to Hausas in the eastern region. Also, it was this same dreadful group that had been issuing threats and quit notice to the Northerners living in the South-eastern part of the country.

Recently, there was a published report on the secret serial killings of about 14 northerners and destruction of their hard-earned properties in this same eastern region, an evil act believed to be orchestrated and executed by members of IPOB group.

These malicious acts have been occurring in this region of the country and without appropriate measures been taken by the government to avoid reoccurrence. If the security outfits are being attacked and their facilities destroyed, then who will provide the much needed protection to the life and properties of ordinary citizens in the country?

Reacting to the unfolding event, President Buhari as usual, condemned the terror act, directed the security and intelligence agencies to fully mobilize and go after the terrorists so as to apprehend and get them punished under the full weight of the law. But it is imperative for the government to note that issuing a mere condemnation without taking concrete action will result to nothing but repetition of same act by the perpetrators.

While responding, the Department of State Services said that it has earlier alerted the Nigerian Police and the State Governor on the possible occurrence of the event, at least three times but failed to act on the intelligence.

Honestly, the time is ripe for the government to bring the perpetrators of these attacks and all other sorts of terrorisms to justice so as avert future occurrences and serve as deterrence to others. Because, if these sorts of violence are not quickly addressed, they might escalate to other regions and eventually become threat to security, unity and continuous national coexistence of the country as a single indivisible nation.

Ya’u Mukhtar writes from Madobi in Kano state; [email protected], +2348062662147



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