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How IPOB Instigated the killing of Oyigbo Muslims Before Military’s Intervention
By Rasheed Abubakar

The report or investigation by Premium Times (PT) is one-sided, half-truth. I don’t know the seeming vested interest the medium is serving.

The account isn’t balanced at all. I am speaking out because injustice has been meted out against the Muslim community in Oyigbo, who were also victims of the carnage. Yet, PT excluded them completely from this so-called investigation, which covered only the “military reprisal” or “military intervention” in the community. What about the main event that led to the reprisal? PT only said “killing of some security personnel” ALLEGEDLY by IPOB! What about the Muslim minorities that were also killed by the terrorist group before the military was invited by Governor Wike? Did PT try to speak with the leaders of Oyigbo Muslim community who lost members?

#MuslimNewsNigeria had earlier published names of 10 victims who died in Oyigbo and its environs during the #EndSARS protest, did PT contact #MN or confirm the story? The medium ignored the bloody event that led to the military intervention because Muslim lives clearly do not matter to the sponsors of PT. While PT used “alleged” for the killing attributed to IPOB, the medium directly accused the military of murder, killing. IPOB has a spokesman, right? Why didn’t PT try to interview him to either deny or confirm killing of the military officers, personally, since the killings of Muslims is not a matter of concern to PT in this report? Whereas, there are Muslim families who are ready to give account of how their brethren were murdered, and some burnt to death by the IPOB terrorists. Yet, PT didn’t include them in this report.

Of course, the military is the big fish they wanted to fry, hence, they care less about others, whose rights have also been violated. Or, does PT think there would have been a reprisal if the terrorist IPOB didn’t hide under #EndSARS to kill Muslims and military personnel? While condemning the killing of innocent Nigerians, either by both military and IPOB, I call on PT and other Nigerian media outfits to be fair in their reporting. For those who believe in God, we should all fear the day we will stand before the Almighty to account for what we write with our hands.

By Rasheed Abubakar is with Muslim News Nigeria, a publication of Rawshield PR Media, a mouthpiece for underreported Muslim achievers and events in Nigeria


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