EndSARS and Mischievous Attempt to Indict CSP Raji Ganiyu

My attention has been drawn to a publication in an online tabloid credited that Mr. Raji Ganiyu, a Chief Supritendent of Police (CSP), and current DPO of Maroko Police Station, was responsible for the death of a protester during the #ENDSARSNOW protest at the Lekki tollgate.

It would never have been a subject of concern if the alleged incident was reported from sources of credible and lawful pedigree. It is sad that sensationalism and unprofessional conduct could be availed the noble profession of journalism.

I have worked with Mr. Raji as a public and environmental safety consultant for Lekki Residents Association since his posting to Maroko Police Station in the Area J Area Command of the Lagos State Police Command in May of 2020.

Compliments will be considered immoral at this trying period of the Nigerian Police, however predators must never be allowed the undue advantage to inflict deeper harm to the psyche, reputation and professional records of men and women who have dedicated their entire lives and sacrificed their youthful years for the safety of our communities.

The video making the rounds will naturally attract the attention and sympathy of most readers with pre-informed opinions, depending on which sides of the argument such belongs. It is pertinent that men of conscience rise to dismiss this deliberate attempt by a ‘miscreant’, whose only objective must have been derived from the undeclared interests of the sponsors to harm the awesome career of Mr. Ganiyu Raji.

I wish to also remark that the Gedegede slum area located very close to my office at the pavilion in Lekki Phase 1 is home to unemployed squatters and narcotics dealers, who have had uncountable raids from law enforcement agencies and particularly made unable to freely invade the Lekki Phase 1 Estate by the professional capacity and dedication of the DPO, Mr. Raji Ganiyu.

While I hold nothing against the criticism of the unprofessional conducts of some men and women of the police service, it is a moral duty for me to speak out against unwarranted conspiracies and witch-hunt by opportunists and desperate predators. The choice of Mr. Ganiyu by the sponsors of this vicious publications defies logic.

Understandably, the timing was planned to fit into the outcry on alleged brutalities by men of the police service, but my operational collaboration in sanitising the activities of miscreants and hoodlums in Lekki Phase 1 with this officer has earned him a place of high regards even among suspected lawbreakers.

The operation on the night of enforcing compliance to the curfew was led by another DPO and a team of police officers from outside Maroko Police Station and I provided them assistance with movements around the Lekki Phase 1, where some arrests were made and were later, the suspects arrested with some hoodlums that seized the curfew to invade Lekki Phase 1, were transferred to the Maroko Police Station, where we met Mr. Raji and his police officer at their Police Station, protecting their office from attacks. He does not condone lawless conducts nor engage in activities outside the professional requirements of police service to the best of my knowledge.

He certainly should be a target of blackmail considering that in his proactive response to the distress call as a result of the vandalism and looting of malls and business outlets by these miscreants, most of whom were traced to Gedegede, and some other slums, within the Lekki Phase 1 Estate, and the strategic plan to apprehend the looters for prosecution, serves as a strong indicator for tarnishing the reputation of the DPO and threatening his professional records, as well as personal profile, is intended to accomplish one objective, which is to use the media to stop the impressive services he is rendering to the community.

I dare the publishers to advance credible evidences linking the DPO to the allegation of extra-judicial shooting. We have had enough negative media on the SARS crisis and I appeal to those with undeclared intentions to stop sponsoring publications capable hurting Nigerians mentally and emotionally, while also instigating the unsuspecting population with this misleading stories.


Dilichukwu Ononugbo
Security Consultant,


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