PeacePro calls for restraint as Ethiopian govt declare military confrontation with regional govt

Says Ethiopia can’t become another war zone

Following the declaration of military confrontation against regional Government by the Federation Government of Ethiopia, a Non-governmental Organization, Foundation for Peace Professionals also known as PeacePro has called on the Government and people of Ethiopia, particularly the people of northern region, under the leadership of Tigray People’s Liberation Front to resist the temptation of turning the beautiful Ethiopia into another war zone in Africa.

PeacePro also stated that, both federal and regional Government in Ethiopia should immediately desist from military confrontation and instead, seat on a round table to discuss like brothers about their areas of disagreement.

In a statement by the Executive Director, Abdulrazaq Hamzat, PeacePro stated that, nothing will ever justify violence and military confrontation between brothers, arguing that the recent attacks on both people and government facilities in the country cannot be justified.

According to Hamzat, launching military attack against people or government facilities by either of the conflicting party is a self destructive behavior, that will take the country further away from development as well as rob the nation of the mild and impressive progress it has recorded in recent time.

Hamzat stated that, PeacePro understands that the decision to declare a military confrontation should be a very difficult decision for both parties, especially after tireless efforts in ending decades of confrontation with neighboring Eritrea, noting that miscommunication and outright lack of political understanding have misrepresented both parties before each other.

“While it is saddening that after making appreciable progress in your peace move with Eritrea,leading to ending hostility between both countries, the alleged attack on Ethiopian military facilities using Eritrea military uniform,with the aim of setting both countries against each other again is highly regrettable”.

However, irrespective of the disagreement, setting the country on fire through military confrontation cannot be a solution and we urge the people and Government of Ethiopia, particularly the regional Government of the north to resist the temptation of escalating this crisis.

“Let us avoid unnecessary violence that offers nobody any good” Hamzat said.

He called on the African Union and elder statemen in the continent to avert the impending catastrophe in Ethiopia.


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