Finally, former Army Spokesperson, Kukasheka Reveals What Soldiers did at Lekki Toll Gate

Former Army spokesman, Brigadier General Sani Usman (rtd), Thursday said that protesters, who were campaigning against Police brutality at Lekki Tollgate, on the 20 October 2020, were dispersed with blank bullets by soldiers.

Usman who disclosed this in an interview with the Arise Tv, maintained that soldiers used blank bullets as against live bullets propagated by many. He stated that blank bullets do not kill but can cause skin pigmentation.

His words: “People have decided to denigrate the military and to turn the military as the fall guy but evidence on ground does not support that assertion.

“Yes, there was the deployment of the military; to what extent and all that, it will be determined by the commission of enquiry.

“If you look at the canisters, they were blank ammo and blank ammo doesn’t even kill. At a close range, l – maybe 100-metres – maybe it will have some pigmentation on your skin.

“Remember the military are armed and by the nature of their training, they are trained to kill and I think the military in its wisdom instead of using live ammunition decided to use blank armour which is meant for training.

“I think they should be commended for that otherwise there would have been serious collateral damage, but they were professional enough to have done that.”


  1. Genesis 9:6 Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

    Therefore for those who support shedding of innocent man’s blood because of money inducement will also die by sword. God that stopped Abacha is still alive. Withdraw your press release or wait for the wrath of God and dead people will chase you . You are warned. Remember no proper burial for those killed yet and their spirits are still roaming on the streets.


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