#EndSARS: We are also fighting for homosexuals, transgenders – Feminist Coalition

Feminist Coalition, a group that has been offering administrative support to #EndSARS protests across the country, says its campaign is also advocating for the rights of queer people.

In a now deleted tweet on Sunday, the group said lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people are also assaulted by the police.

“Our communal fight to #EndSAR is inclusive of the LGBGTQ+ community who are also harassed, assaulted and killed by police. They deserve the same justice we seek and even more so, as they are also a target of the law. You can’t be what you fight against,” it wrote.

“We stand with every single one of our queer brothers and sisters in this fight against police brutality.”

The tweet generated mostly negative reactions as many Nigerians were of the view that the struggle to end police brutality should not be divided along sexual orientation.

In a fresh tweet, Feminist Coalition has now said it is committed to the elimination of violence against all Nigerians and asked that everyone focus on the single goal of campaigning against police brutality.


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