Police reportedly arrest man who recorded SARS viral video in Delta

Nicholas Makolomi, the man who recorded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) operatives leaving an injured citizen and fleeing with his car, has been arrested.

The incident occurred on Saturday near Wetland Hotel in Ughelli in Delta State.

Footage of the incident sparked outrage as Nigerians renewed calls for the government to put an end to SARS.

The agitation forced the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, to ban SARS patrols and checkpoints nationwide.

Delta State Police Command operatives reportedly tracked Makolomi and took him from his residence on Monday.

He is accused of false information, causing tension and inciting violence.

“After the boy (Joshua Ambrose) was arrested on that Saturday, he was kept at the passenger’s side of the car behind the front seat”, Makolomi, a video director, told Vanguard.

“While we were driving behind the police vehicle and that of the boy, he suddenly jumped from the car and fell on the roadside. We chased the police car while making the video.”

The videographer insists that he knows nothing about other viral videos, including the one showing policemen shooting at unarmed civilians, in Delta.

Makolomi has been transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department and may be charged for criminal offences relating to cyber laws.


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