NAF Jets Raid Kaduna Forests, Kill Many Bandits

The Air Component of Operation Thunder Strike has neutralized several armed bandits and disrupted their camps in the Kuduru and Kwaimbana Forest areas of Kaduna State.

A statement released by the Defence Media Operations (DMO), indicated that the feat was achieved through separate air strikes.

The air raids, carried out on 2 and 3 September 2020, came on the heels of credible intelligence reports indicating that the two locations were being used as staging areas by the bandits.

In the statement issued on Friday by Maj. Gen. Enenche, it was learnt that the attack on the Kuduru Forest hideout was executed after aerial reconnaissance missions observed significant number of armed bandits around some compounds, in a small settlement within the forest.

According to Enenche, who is the Coordinator of DMO, the Air Component swiftly dispatched its Nigerian Air Force (NAF) jets and helicopter gunships to attack the location.

The statement added that: “The attack aircraft took turns in strafing the target area leading to the neutralization of several of the bandits as well as damage to their dwellings.

“At the Kwaimbana Forest, where some bandits were seen along with many rustled cattle around some huts and makeshift structures, the NAF jets and helicopter gunships engaged the area in successive passes, taking out some of the bandits.”


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