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Four Police officers risk dismissal for fleeing kidnap scene

Four police officers who failed to stop the kidnapping of Salisu Usman Maku, nephew of former information minister Labaran Maku have been arrested.

The policemen were accused of hiding and taking cover while the kidnappers fled the scene.

The officers may be on the verge of being dismissed from the Nigeria Police Force for failing to protect citizens which is their primary responsibility.

It was further gathered that Salisu Usman Maku who was kidnapped alongside his wife, was later killed as was his younger sister, Sa’adatu.

Confirming their arrest, Commissioner of Police, Bola addressing newsmen in the state said only the driver of the Hilux will be spared even as he condemned their actions.

“As a professional police officer, you should not take cover and hide; you take cover and act.

“It is only the driver of the police Hilux that is set free in this case because his job is to drive the vehicle and he was actually in the car during the operation, but the other four armed police officers took cover and hid,” Longe added.


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