Four aid workers, one security worker kidnapped in Borno

At least four aid workers and one private security worker were abducted in Borno State on Tuesday.

According to Assessment Capacities Project (ACAPS), a non-profit project that provides international, independent humanitarian analysis, “all the hostages are Nigerian nationals.”

“The abducted aid workers said they work for Action Against Hunger, the International Rescue Committee, and REACH,” ACAPS said.

“The IRC and ACF have stated they are working to secure the release of their workers.”

ACAPS did not state whether those behind the abduction were associated with Boko Haram or a faction that broke away in 2016 and pledged allegiance to the ISIS group.

Action Against Hunger in a statement on Wednesday confirmed the name of its kidnapped aid worker as Ishaiku Yakubu and called for his immediate release.

“Ishaiku Yakubu was abducted by a non-state armed group along with four other humanitarian workers from different organisations,” it said.

“We are extremely concerned and are fully mobilized to ensure that the hostage can be quickly and safely reunited with his family.”

The withdrawal of troops from main roads into “super camps” located within communities has left the roads more vulnerable and dangerous.

Aid workers have in the past being killed while a few were released reluctantly after several weeks.

Source: Guardian


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