Troops Raid Bandits’ Camps, Eliminate Scores in Huts, Caves

Troops of the Air Component of Operation Hadarin Daji, deployed for the newly-launched subsidiary air interdiction Operation, codenamed Wutan Daji, have raided 10 bandits’ camps in Katsina and Zamfara States, killing scores of the criminal elements.

The Defence Media Operations (DMO), said the subsidiary operation, which was preceded by the massive deployment of additional air assets and ground support equipment by the Nigerian Air Force (NAF), is aimed at taking out armed bandits’ locations that were painstakingly selected, based on impeccable Human Intelligence (HUMINT) reports, as well as series of Surveillance missions.

“This is in order to significantly degrade the armed bandits’ fighting capability, before it could be brought to bear against friendly forces or innocent civilians,” it added.

Coordinator of DMO, Maj. Gen. John Enenche, in a statement on Wednesday, said since the operation began on 20 June 2020, ten locations have been attacked and scores of armed bandits neutralized, as confirmed by HUMINT reports.

According to him, some of the significant air strikes include those executed at Dutsen Asolo and Birnin Kogo areas of Katsina State, as well as at Dogo Gede’s Camp in the Kwayanbana Forest area of Zamfara State.

He said: “At Dutsen Asolo, NAF jets dispatched by the Air Component attacked the cave/hideout of the bandits, destroying the main entry point and neutralizing some fighters. Some surviving bandits, who were tracked escaping from the cave area were taken out in follow-on strikes.

“Also, on 21 June 2020, at the bandits’ enclave in the Kwayanbana Forest, an attack helicopter took out one of the bandits’ logistics huts, which was seen engulfed in flames.

“Similarly, at Birnin Kogo on 22 June 2020, some armed bandits, who fled their dwellings in the centre of the camp to nearby bushes on hearing the sound of the attack aircraft, were neutralized as the NAF fighter jets hit them at their hiding positions.”


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