COVID-19 Palliative: Women Radio donates relief item to Arepo community

As part of their contribution to cushion the effect of lockdown posed by the Coronavirus pandemic, Women Radio in partnership with Maami has donated relief materials to vulnerable women and their families in Arepo community of Ogun state.

The beneficiaries, mostly vulnerable women received rice, beans, oil, salt, gari and other food items from donors.

Similarly, the local police station in the community was not left out to thank them for protecting the communitu.

Women Radio said social distancing was observed during the distribution process so as to avert any possible transmission of the novel Coronavirus disease.

Some of the beneficiaries expressed gratitude with the kind gesture while and thanked Women Radio for remembering them.

In an effort to also help alleviate hardship posed on widows by the lockdown, Women Radio in partnership with Almanah Hope foundation and Maami is giving cash palliative to widows through Covid-19 WidowsAID initiative. This aims to reach many widows with cash transfers as most are unable to access the on-going relief.



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