‘Amotekun remains a threat to national security’ – Northern Youth Council

The Federal Government declaration of AMOTEKUN an illegal security formation is timely and a welcome development in the best interest of our national unity and safety of all citizens.

The Attorney General of the Federation Abubakar Malami intervention is a job welldone and impressive legal point of view, citing the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as Amended) this as well justify the earlier position of Northern Youth Council of Nigeria on the Amotekun has an illegal entity and unconstitutional security outfit conceded for a sinister plan and purpose by some enemy of the state from South West.

AMOTEKUN remains a threat to National security and Military wing of the OPC. We advice the Government not to allowed any formation of terrorist group in the name of security outfit disguise in all part of the Nation. The Government institutions responsible for protecting lives and property remains police and other paramilitary and military agency established by law of Nigeria, rather government should increase their manpower and reasonably empower them with sophisticated arms to fight the insecurity accross Nigeria rather than giving in for Controversial Amotekun that come with sinister motives. The Government should arrest any individual insisting in make sure that this terorist group operates. Most expecially one Mr Yinka Odumakin who is speaking for this unregistered security outfit which can be as, well regarded as terorist group called Operation Amotekun, Odumakin should be apprehended for questions to know his reason for promoting terrorism.


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