Three children of same mother abducted, rescued in Rivers

An attempt by a suspected child trafficker to abduct three children of the same parents was foiled in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital on Friday.

According to an eyewitness account, a woman had stopped a unpainted taxi cab popularly known as “kabu-kabu” in the D/line area of Port Harcourt, to convey her and her three children to school.

After settling the taxi fare, the woman put her three children into the back seat of the car. But the driver zoomed off with the three children as she was stepping forward to open the front door to enter the vehicle.

The woman, although was shocked, was able to raise alarm, but the man was gone.

It was learnt that the driver succeeded in taking the children to his house and locked them up.

According to the account, thinking that he could not be recognized, he drove out again, perhaps on hunt for other children to kidnap, when the mother of the three children recognized him and raised an alarm.

The mother of the three children

The driver was chased by motorists and other sympathizers and was caught.

Policemen who were already alerted over the incident compelled him to take the mother, the Police and some concerned members of the public to his house where the children were rescued.

The suspect who was beaten by some of the witnesses after children were rescued confessed to the crime and that he actually wanted more victims.


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