Nigerian military officers decry release of seized military vehicles to US

Some ranking military officers in Nigeria are not in support of their government’s release of seized mine-resistant military vehicles to the United State government.

The vehicles were intercepted along Nigeria-Cameroon border two months ago by a Nigerian joint security team after they crossed into the country’s territory without authorisation.

The vehicles were temporarily held at a military checkpoint in Kankol village before they were transferred to Nigerian Customs Service office in Yola.

Howrver, following a directive from National Security Adviser, they were handed over to the US embassy in Nigeria in Yola at the weekend.

But speaking to Daily Nigerian on phone in confidence on Monday, two top officers of the Nigerian military separately noted that the handing over was too hasty and devoid of thorough investigation.

“We are not indicting the United States, but everyone know that not all the activities of the foreign people in the North-east are not fishy, hence the NSA should have allowed more investigation before giving the vehicles back,” the first officer said.

According to the second officer, “you said the vehicles were headed to Niger; then why did they come to border between Nigeria and Cameroon? Was it that the transporters lost their way? If I was the one in charge, the vehicles would be detained forever, except I see valid evidence. I was not convinced with the evidence.”

The vehicles were released to the Deputy Chief Mission of US embassy, Kathleen FitzGibbon by Custom Comptroller in charge of Adamawa and Taraba, Kamardeen Olumoh.


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