The magical governor in Kwara State  by Abdulrazaq Hamzat

Governance is not magic, so they often say, until the emergence of a magical governor in Kwara State, whose life style, performances and work ethics have been described as magical by the people of the state.

The Kwara State Governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has been described as a living machine, who work all day, moving from one part of the state to the other, then stays awake all night, doing some paper reviews ahead of the next day.

From a political general, who led the masses to victory during the otoge political revolution, he became a demystifier of bigmanism, usually associated with public office when he took over the state on May 29th, 2019, drove and continue to drive himself to work, never jumping queue in public places, nor even in places of worship, then he became a traveller, who sees the entire state from Baruten to Omuaran, as the government house.

While he may be seen at Kosubosu in Kwara North, inspecting dilapidated school buildings in one day, he may also be seen at Igbaja in Kwara South the next day at a water works, figuring out how to provide water to the various homes in the state, then in ilorin the next day, at Sobi specialist hospital, gathering first hand information about health sector, which is also replicated across all sectors and providing timely responses as required.

This is the life of Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, the magical governor in Kwara State, since may 29, 2019 and till date, there is no sign that anything is about to change.

It has been said, that a society will be judged by how it treats the weakest people in that society, and for Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, the weakest people of Kwara with special needs, must have the best of the state’s attention.

This necessitated the governor’s visit to the abandoned social welfare center at okoerin, which has never been visited by any governor in the past 20years, to his other engagements, such as the upliftment of the school of special needs, aswell as the meeting with less privileged of the society, with the view of making life better for them.

When I visited koro afoju ( corner of the blind) at Gambari area of Ilorin, where the government is currently doing some rehabilitation works, one of the persons I spoke with said to me, “oga, even the blind can now see that there is a government in Kwara state”.

Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has completely changed public perception of governance in the state of harmony.

Let us look at the facts of his government in 100 days.

In 100 days as governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has not spent a kobo of government money on chartered flights, despite making series of local and foreign trips. The era of chartered flights, through which public resources are drained is now officially over.

Again, this is a governor without large convoy or entourage, who goes about doing his business with little or no funfare.

As we all know, before he came on board as governor, there was no water in the the state.

Apart from the fact that workers at water corporation were on strike, many of the state water works are completely damaged with no attention.

However, through temporary intervention of the governor, water is now flowing into our various homes, with a permanent solution being worked on, to finally resolve the water problem across the state.

Just in 100 days, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has put all pot holes in Kwara to shame, particularly in the state capital. This is in addition to the rehabilitation of over 10 major roads.

Even courts in Kwara State are now being rehabilitated.

Additionally, while the former administration have a kind of phobia in paying counterpart funds to access greater resources, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq kind of relish pleasure in doing so.

In 100 days, he has paid several counterparts funds, ranging from UBEC’s N450million, RAAMP N200 million, N50 million Fadama project and several others.

While the UBEC funding will allow for the transformation of the education sector with the building of first class facilities across the state, RAAMP will enable the construction of over 600 kilometres of rural roads across the 16 local government areas of Kwara. There’s also talks about certain primary health assessment report being worked on, that would enable the state access a minimum of N500million from world bank for primary health improvement.

But that’s not all the governor has done in 100days, there are many more.

Apart from paying all workers 100% of their salaries even before month ending, all state colleges of Education, such as Oro, Lafiagi, Legal Studies etc where their teachers have also been smiling to classes after several months of shutdown, with the release of N250million to clear backlog of salaries.

If the award of best performing governor in Nigeria is to be given, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is already a strong contender, but according to the governor, he hasn’t started implementing his manifesto yet, all he has done is just to give prompt attention to areas needing immediate intervention and setting up a good foundation for the implementation of his campaign manifesto.

Abdulrazaq Hamzat is the Convener of Kwara Must Change


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