Shi’ite protesters invade National Assembly, injure policemen, destroy properties

Pandemonium broke out on Tuesday in the lobby of the National Assembly after Shi’ite protesters shot at least four policemen attached to the complex.

According to reports by The Nation, the incident occurred around 2pm while plenary was ongoing.

A policeman, soaked in blood, was seen rushed into the lobby and to the National Assembly clinic.

Another civilian was also seen led to the clinic.

Four policemen attached to the National Assembly were gunned down by Shi’ites, it was gathered.

The Shi’ite group has been protesting the detention of their leader, El Zaky Zaky over the years.

According to an eye witnesses, members of the Islamic group began coming into the National Assembly premises in pieces before they gathered into a sizeable number.

The group eventually overpowered security men at the first gate but met with a resistance at the second where four policemen were shot by armed members of the group.

The windscreen of a Police pick up van were also smashed.

Policemen injured by protesting Shi’ite members are receiving treatment at the clinic in the complex.

The armed protesters also smashed windows of the National Assembly at the main gate and damaged policemen vehicles within the premises.

Also smashed were vehicles of visitors caught in the web during the violent protest.

However, detachment of armed policemen have been stationed around the National Assembly gates and the green areas.

It was also gathered that the protesters were dispersed with teargas by security operatives.

The operatives, our correspondent, observed are scanning the expansive grounds of the complex, scouting for dissidents that may have gained grounds.

The retreating protesters scaled the main gate of the complex, damaging several windows as they were repelled by security operatives.


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